Friday, November 1, 2013

October Recap

It's November! October was a glorious month, with warm weather and sunny skies -- great for getting outside as much as possible! November has rolled in with warm temperatures, but rainy and windy. Very November-y weather! Got outside a little bit today in to enjoy the warm temps, and got a little wet, too.

I always like to start each month by looking back at the previous month for a recap.

So in October, as part of the greening up the life effort, I

1) Decreased the dust in the bedroom and set up a plan to continue to manage the dust.
2) Started on a daily meditation practice.
3) Added trail running and bootcamp workouts into my outdoor workout program.
4) Trialled some new clean eating recipes.
5) Got rid of the air fresheners in the house.
6) Focused on indoor air quality by opening windows daily, getting a plant, and pricing out HEPA filters (haven't purchased one yet, though)
7) Started on a schedule for home organization
8) Switched to natural deodorant
9) Switched to oxygen bleach based laundry spot removers
10) Switched to oxygen bleach based bathroom cleaners.

It's been a good month! November looks to be even better!

TODAY'S THANKFUL: I'm thankful for the warm temperatures that rolled in today!

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