Monday, October 21, 2013

Boot Camp #2

It has been a glorious October! Seriously -- I've been doing my outdoor workouts in shorts and a t-shirt and loving every minute of it. I've also been loving the bootcamp style workouts for strength training, rather than going to a gym. I've been going to a local park a few times a week, running around the perimeter and using the play equipment and benches for equipment.

I've gotten a few strange looks, too, which always makes my day!


Jog for 10 minutes followed by dynamic stretching


(10 of each exercise with 10 jumping jacks in between)

1) Pull Ups (as I get fatigued, I switch to reverse push up, which is a modified pull up with feet on ground, from a bar about 2 feet high)

2) Burpees

3) Sit ups

4) Star bursts (also known as superstars)

5) Push ups

6) Speed Skaters

7) Dips (done on bench)

8) Alternating walking lunges

9) Lateral step ups to leg lift

10) Quadriped opposite arm and leg lift

Perform 3 rounds with a full lap around the park between each round

Cool Down

Static Stretches and 3 minutes of deep breathing.

* Pictures and/or videos of the above exercises are coming soon. Thanks for being patient!*

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