Monday, October 7, 2013

Bootcamp Workout

One of the other big things that changed since my hike is my approach to exercise. While I've always liked running, hiking, swimming, I pretty much enjoyed those activities in nice weather only. When it was rainy or cold or even too windy, I would retreat to the gym and do my workout in a nice, warm, dry gym.

While I may change my tune in January when the ground is covered with snow, right now I cringe at the thought of exercising inside when there is a perfectly good outside to be in. If it rains, I'll get wet. If it's cold, I'll dress warm. If its windy, I'll wear two buffs over my out of control hair and enjoy the extra resistance I get walking into the wind. It's what I've been did for months, why change now?

But since I don't want to drag dumbells or kettle bells or tubing around with me, I've gotten a little more creative with my outside workouts. Pink Lady has been doing it up bootcamp style!

Here's one of my favorites:


Jog for 10 minutes
30 seconds high knees
30 seconds dynamic trunk twists
30 seconds high kick walking
30 seconds dynamic shoulder circles (15 seconds in each direction)
30 seconds jumping jacks
30 seconds calf stretches each leg
30 seconds hip circles
30 seconds lateral trunk stretch each direction


Find a relatively flat grassy area 30 to 50 feet long. Do each exercise down and back with 10 jumping jacks in between each exercise.

Walking lunges with knee lift
Side stepping squats
Backward lunges
Bear Crawl
30 seconds of "fast feet"
Crab walk

* Jog for 2 minutes in between each round*


Walking lunge with kick
Alternating walking squats on a diagonal
Backward lunges with backward kick
Bear crawl
30 seconds up/down on step
Crab walk

*Jog two minutes*


20 alternating lunges with front foot on 16" step
10 squats with top leg on 8" or 16" step. Repeat with other leg.
10 lunges with back foot on 16" step. Repeat with other leg.
20 push ups with hands on 16" step
20 triceps dips on step

* Jog two minutes*


30 seconds of each stretch:
IT band
calf stretch
calf stretch off step
seated trunk rotation
standing lateral trunk stretch
rear deltoid
triceps stretch
pec stretch

And I always like to finish each workout with 2 minutes of deep breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth while just enjoying being outside.

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