Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Linen Closet

As I continue through October in my greening up mission, de-cluttering has taken a more prominent role in my daily chores. In tackling the big de-cluttering projects, like the garage and the storage area, I have come to see that I don't even have to watch horror movies as halloween approaches. The garage and storage area are scary enough!

So sometimes, it's a good idea to take on a more manageable task, such as the linen closet. It can be completed in a few hours, not a few days or weeks. And it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

This was what the linen closet looked like:

Stuffed to the gills with who knows what!

Pillow cases, shams, sheets, dust ruffles stuffed willy-nilly in the closet.

Full sheet sets mixed with queen sheet sets mixed in with twin.

No uniform folding method. Pillow cases with no sheet sets to pair them with.

And a bunch of non-linen type things living on the top shelf.
This wasn't a linen closet. It was absolute anarchy!

Just like the bathroom closet, the first thing I did was take everything out. 

That makes cleaning off the shelves and putting down shelf liner easier.

Once again, I threw out anything that was ripped or tattered or worn beyond repair. 
All the non-linen items were removed and either put elsewhere or in a donation pile.

Now twin sheets, full sheets, and queen sheets each have their own shelf.

Extra pillow cases are folded and easily accessible.

Dust ruffles and pillow shams have their own separate area.

As do tablecloths and cloth napkins.

Now, making the bed or setting the table doesn't involve an avalanche beforehand!

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