Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to live the Pink Lady Life

Now, as I try to get my life back together, I am also going on a journey of another sort. I am trying to educate myself as to WHY I felt so healthy on the trail but felt so unhealthy living inside. I am reading up, surfing the web, consulting experts on natural living and slowly trying to make changes to my own life. I'm testing out my own theories, as well. Some of my little experiments are going well. Some, well, there's a reason we call them theories, right?

I have tentatively identified a few key areas I'm looking into. Of course, as time goes by, they may be modified as needed.

Areas I'm exploring and experimenting with include:

1) Natural household cleaners
2) Organization & greening up the house
3) Natural beauty
4) Clean eating
5) Outdoor fitness 

In short, a total lifestyle do-over! I'm slowly discovering how to life The Pink Lady Life!

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